About us


SOBEK TRADING F.Z.C is a leading international trading company founded in 1994, headquartered in Egypt and landed in Dubai in 2016. Throughout the years, we built extensive expertise in both trading and industrial sectors that empowered us to cross the borders with valuable services in key sectors and act us a trusted global trade link between our clients and the manufacturers and suppliers we proudly represent across the globe. We are always driven by an unstoppable urge to pursue continuous growth not only for our company but also for our clients and partners, aiming to achieve mutual benefits and success for all parties.
Our Mission

To provide a seamless trading experience that incorporates both quality and cost efficiency and enables our clients to access trusted global trade channels that open the doors to promising opportunities, help them boost their sales in a more sustainable manner and ramp up their business growth.

Our Vision

To become the most trustworthy niche global trade partner and the customer’s first choice in supplying premium petrochemicals, solvents and agricultural products.

Our Values

“We are steered by a set of values that influence every decision we take and are demonstrated in all our business transactions”


Our clients can count on us in each step, we strive to help them overcome the most encountered challenges, bounce obstacles and facilitate the whole trade process


We do believe that time is precious and respecting it mirrors the efficiency of our operations, accordingly, we are keen on fulfilling on time delivery across all our services


We adhere to high ethical principles and attributes in every aspect, which consequently enables us to run our business with maximum credibility and transparency


Since we are dealing with global markets with different trade regulations and compliance, we are flexible enough to accommodate all these differences